Photograph by Andrew Esiebo

(1) To influence the improvement of the law in Nigeria in matters relating to private international law (“PIL”)

(2) To persuade the Nigerian government to accede to the Hague Conventions on PIL

(3) To liaise with other experts, the Nigerian government, law and policy makers, implementers and research centres on PIL on a global level

(4) To assist to nurture, guide and develop the legal mechanism and framework for PIL in Nigeria

(5) To be the collective voice, drawing in other stakeholders and experts, for the Nigerian government, the judiciary and lawyers

(6) To improve the links and communication between PIL experts in Africa

Akin to a steering group, we are not only seeking to contribute our knowledge and expertise, but to liaise and connect with key stakeholders (the Federal and State Government, members of the National Assembly, NGOs, Research Centres) and distinguished scholars, judges and practitioners, many of whom the group have had the privilege of studying under and working alongside.